The Process

Our process is catered to each individual we work with, which separates us from other firms. We help coach you to become a part of the plan, not just a result. You will understand the financial decisions you make, and the overall impact each one has on your overall financial plan.

We take you through a six-step process to help achieve your version of financial success:

1. Discovery - the first step helps us understand what you have, and what you don’t have. Where are you on the map?

2. Goal setting - together we determine what your goals and financial priorities are so we can make informed decisions moving forward. Where do you want to go and who is coming along??

3. Consultation - we will take the information provided and determine which, if any, adjustments will need to be made. What is the most efficient route, in the appropriate vehicle(s), to get from where you are, to where you want to be?

4. Recommendation - as a team, we will recommend a plan that is individual to you and your financial position. You are in the driver seat, we simply will be using our experience to help navigate the obstacles that may lie ahead on your way to your destination.

5. Implementation - Equipped with a plan and priorities, we will work together to implement the plan. Getting on the road with proper directions, and equiped with the various tools to navigate unforseen events, with the ability to adapt and change if needed.

6. Monitor and review - behind the scenes we will be constantly monitoring your plan to make sure it is meeting the goals and priorities we set forth. We will work with you to review the plan and make any adjustments needed. Are we on the right path, heading in proper direction to reach our destination in the most efficient way possible?